Indian in the Cupboard

Now that I’m writing MG novels, I’ve been reading as many as I can. I watched the Movie Indian in the Cupboard, directed by Frank Oz, several years ago with my grandchildren then 6 or 7. We loved the movie. I read the book recently and found that the locale had been changed from England to Manhattan in the movie.  It doesn’t change the story at all. In the book, Omri’s friend is white, in the movie, he is East Indian. What surprised me is that the editor didn’t catch one error of the illustrator. The drawing of the house Little Bear builds is not a longhouse,  but a colonial looking house with a peaked roof.

This book is the kind of fantasy that I wish I can write. No aliens, or wizards or zombies for me. Children and adults enjoy  the book and the movie. I would love to write a book adults and children enjoy and that it can become a classic.