When I watched Gigi when I was in my late teens, I had no idea that Gigi was being groomed to be a high price prostitute. Raised in a protective home and taught by nuns for thirteen years, I just didn’t get it. I thought that Louis Jordan singing “GiGI” at night by the water fountain was so romantic!  I was in my thirties, or even forties when I watched it again. What a shock ! I had compared Gigi’s getting dressed up in splendor to Eliza’s( of My Fair Lady) introduction to society, when there was no comparison! Now,the new Broadway’s musical excised the song “Thank Heavens for Little Girl” from an old man’s mouth. A creepy pedophile? I really should rewatch some old favorite movies to see whether I had misinterpreted them in my youthful innocence.

People who gave me their time

I’ve been fortunate that when I asked for an interview for my writing, I was granted access. Jacques D’amboise gave me three hours of his precious time at our first meeting when I wanted to write his biography . We met several times after that. Professor Victor Mair gave me information and an exhibition catalog about the mummies in China and took the time to meet me at the University of pennsylvia. I met with five survivors of the Poston Internment camp  for the Japanese when I wrote my novel “I Have the Wrong Face” and corresponded by email with other survivors.

So far, what I wrote with these people’s help have not found a publisher. I feel badly that I used their time and good will. I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but I do. I also know it’s not the end of the story. I can use the information I have gathered for other projects or rewrite them to make them more marketable.