Dedication and focus of a writer

Dedication and focus of a writer

I am reading a how to book on writing a novel. The suggestion by the author that I should read 100 books of the genre I want to write in is a good idea. But I don’t think I’ll read that many before I start my novel. 20 is more doable for me.
I also like her suggestion about making notes on each book, how each chapter starts and ends, how the dialogue moves the story etc.
But I cannot agree with her about total focus, to the exclusion of many things. The writing comes first, she wrote. To go to a Zumba class, to meet a friend for lunch are distractions. “Hold yourself back, save part of yourself for the book.”

I consider myself a disciplined and motivated person. I have yet to write a novel. I do plan to write one for my next writing course. If my craft is good, my instructor helpful, I do believe I can write a novel without giving up my interactions with my grandchildren or my piano practice. These things give me sustenance and make me happy. I cannot hold myself back in my personal relationships.

What do you think? What’s your reponse ?
I am new to blogging. I have yet to create a website. I’m supposed to start a presence before the publication of my books. I have two writers who follow my blog? If you like mine, please spread it among your writer friends.
I have to understand Face Book and Twitter, especially Twitter. Why does one need it? I can just email my thoughts to friends. So you see, I have a lot to learn.