Biography workshop

I had been receiving  invitations to the Highlights Foundations Workshop for at least two years. Maybe they have my address from my submissions( all rejected). This year I responded to the biography one because my biography of a retired renowned  dancer, had another chance at Charlesbridge Publising. The editor was willing to take a look at a  second revision.

The cost was high or three days of room and board.  I was told to apply for a scholarship. I had to send in my income tax return,  a writing sample and a brief biography of my writing career. The scholarship would be based on need, passion and  I suppose writing ability.  I received a partial scholarship which definitely helped.

At the workshop, one much younger attendee told me she had a full scholarship. I don’t know about anybody else’s scholarship status. Fellow writers, if you are interested, do apply for a scholarship.

I don’t drive long distances. I took the bus from Port Authority, NYC. There were only  5 people going to north Poconos, PA, after the full bus passengers got off at a discount shopping outlet. I was the only passenger for the last 10 miles in rural PA, It was a three  and a half hours bus ride. I was let off at my destination, Honesdale at the sidewalk. I asked, “Is this it?”  I was expecting a small bus station .

The bus driver said, ‘This is it. See the man sitting on the bench? He’s waiting for this bus fro the return trip.” Oh dear, I was supposed to be met by a driver to take me to Boyd Mills.  I was about to call the driver  when a lady came up to me. She said, pointing at different directions,

“Sometimes, the bus stops over there, sometimes over there.  I parked in the middle.”

I was in good hands. It took another 20 minutes to arrive at the site.

To be continued: the workshop exceeded my expectations.



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