Novel Revision Workshop

The four days recently spent at the Highlights Foundation at Honesdale, PA was my second workshop there. My first one was a biography workshop in 2013. The bucolic setting hasn’t changed. The food was mostly exceptional. One gains weight not by eating fatty food, but by taking too big portions.

I suppose all the attendees want to be published. I met one who said she was not interested in being published. She was writing for herself and her friends. That was refreshing!

We learned a lot from the presentations Q and A sessions.If anything, it was overwhelming to have so many recommended books, websites and links. It was inspirational to be with peoples who are on the same page, to learn to be better writers. Interestingly, there was only one male attendee out of fourteen. There are many male writers for children out there.

The two one-to one sessions with a faculty member were productive for my first novel, “The Wrong Face” that I’m revising. I was encouraged that its premise was excellent. Now if I can pull off the revision which involves a plot change, it will be a strong book.

An illustrator was a guest at one Q and A session. She was an attendee once and now she is a published illustrator. Now that was encouraging.