Debussy’s March

This morning, I heard on WQXR Debussy’s Scottish March. “Debussy” and Scottish” together? It was beautiful music. I could discern a Scottish theme, but it sounded more like a dance than a march. You can hear it on Youtube.

Jewel in the Crown

It was over 20 years ago that I was mesmerized by the TV series Jewel in the Crown. By chance, I found it on Channel 21 two Mondays ago. It’s still an impressive production. This time, I have to read the books. Now that I’m writing historical fiction for young readers, I appreciate all the historical details that bring to life a time  and place long gone (Queen Victoria’s empire). The setting of India in Ghandi’s time is as important as the characters. Oh, the acting! Charles Dance who is not yet in the repeat episodes so far, is now in the movie, The imitation Game. British romantic leads tend to age into good character actors.