Talk by Betsy Bird, library specialist

SCBWI sponsored a talk by the librarian who purchases all the books for the New York Public library system, which is separate from those of Queens and Brooklyn. It was very informative about what libraries really want.  She read the list from Scholastic’s editors. They forecast the  top 10 trends in children’s publishing.  Google Scholastic editors forecast trends.

Some of important tips Betsy gave:

Write a classic which will still be read in fifty years.  Don’t mention up to the minute computer model or video games that will date your writing. Write for staying power.

Don’t rhyme.

There are too few books about death.

Core curriculum is changing faces of publishing and reading. Common core states standards and initiative that schools have to adhere to. It affects nonfiction more It’s the golden age of nonfiction. Children are required to read more nonfiction. 3rd grade is important. Any book that can fit into the curriculum is important.

I guess we have to google what the core curriculum is. There is a website. She warned that it is not COMMON CORE STANDARDS.ORG

She admires the Queens library’s policy of letting children read in the library for at least an hr. to offset fines.  My grandson  has taken advantage of this policy many times.  The other day, I noticed a librarin who went up to two kids looking for DVDS. She told them that the hr. must be used for reading, not for using the computer or looking for DVDs.