My Story

I was born in Hong Kong and came to the United States in my late teens to attend college. After two years in Monterey Peninsula college in California I transferred to the University of California, Berkeley, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English.

I studied fashion design in New York for a year before working in the garment district of Manhattan off and on for five years.

Having difficulty finding the proper childcare for my first son, I decided to be a stay-at -home mom. Watching television with my young son, I fell in love with the big mouth puppets on Sesame Street. After designing five puppets and selling them door to door to local gift and toy shops in Manhattan, a business was born.

The small line of puppets eventually included multicultural puppets, dolls, dollhouse size poseable people, role playing uniforms, wheelchairs, walkers, seeing eye dog, crutches for dolls, all for the early childhood education market.

Retiring after 34 years in the business of designing for children, it was natural that I should want to write for children. I love writing more than designing and producing children’s products, because I’m in control of what I write, for better or worse. Whereas, I couldn’t control 100% the quality and integrity of my designs.

The short stories and articles posted on this site have been published since 2012. I retain the rights to all of them. My passion is writing about friendship and family relationships. I write stories and articles that entertain and educate. Follow the links and read them at your leisure.

Fanny Wong

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