Two weeks after…

Two weeks after my first published story, Jason and the Homeless Man, was published in the Jan-Feb issue of Skipping Stones magazine, my family had a celebratory dinner.  I asked my grandson, Brian,(9 years old) to pick the restaurant. He was the one who had a dream.  Several months before, he said to me, “Mama, I dreamed that I had missed your party for publishing your first book because I had fallen asleep.” I was so touched by his confidence in me, who had about 14 rejections at the time.  He picked his favorite Japanese buffet restaurant

His twin sister, Isabelle, is a good proof reader.  I always read to them my stories, either on the computer or in print.  She has caught several typo mistakes.  One time, she said, “You used the same words just before.” She was right. 


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