Children’s response to nudity in art

Neither my two sons nor my two grandchildren asked the questions I dreaded to hear when they saw nudity in paintings and sculptures.

“Why are these people naked?”

“They’re posing for artists.”

“Can I be naked for my friends to draw me?”

“Oh no!” Then what else should I say?

Well, I was never asked. Maybe other children had asked. Adults, I, for instance think too much. Children take what they see in stride.

I was at the Metropolitan of Art with my twins grandchildren on Tuesday. They are now twelve and have been to this museum numerous times and seen plenty of nudes.  Brian noted as we came towards a nude male statue from the back. He said casually, “His behind. I think I can see a hole.”  I said something like, “I I guess it’s there.” We passed the statue. Nothing was said about what was in the front. In fact, they didn’t even turn to look.

We proceeded to the room of musical instruments.

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  1. Papa Moon
    Jan 16, 2015 @ 02:40:45

    What a charming tiny essay. You captured li’l kids reactions wonderfully. And when me and my buddies went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I vaguely remember looking at behinds too, but what what really memorable to me was that really cool suit of armor on the stair landing. I still remember it sixty years later.


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