Impressed by Prince Charles

I watched a program about the artists in the British royal family on PBS. I was most impressed by Prince Charles’ paintings. They are good! He paints on his official tours all over the world, a reprieve from his boring official duties. He paints at the various castles and royal estates of surrounding spectacular scenery in Scotland and Wales. What surprised me was the Queen Victoria and her husband painted too. Prince Charles’ paternal ancestors also were very good amateur artists. Prince Charles explained that in royal households, children were all taught to appreciate art. He started an art school in England for children. I like him! He was insightful and humorous as he flipped through the sketch books of his ancestors. I appreciate what he said about the importance of introducing art to children.

I feel the same way about classical music. Children are introduced to pop and rock music early in life. It’s important to expose them to classical music also.

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